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This privacy policy is valid at URL and sub-sections of this URL, especially for the reservation page.



If the site visitor is going to pay by credit card on the reservation pages of the site, customer must enter his/her credit card information (Card Holder's Name, Surname, Card No, Expiration Date, CCV Number). This information will be used to make the payment after the credit card is approved by the contracted bank. None of these information will be recorded during the process. Contact information, personal information, credit card number and other information reported by users cannot be published elsewhere or used for any purpose without the consent of the relevant user/customer. The hotel undertakes that it will not give any information about its users/customers to third parties unless there is an official request by the judicial authorities. Although the technical environments of the site are protected by various technological software, site security is limited to internet and computer security.



At, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of the user's information. While the user provides credit card information via the website, this information is encrypted with SSL technology. Our reservation payment page has an international and world famous SSL security certificate. The security information on this page can be updated by Sapanca Villa Suite. Check the information periodically.

The above Privacy Policy protects your rights as a member or visitor of Sapanca Villa Suite. Contact If you have any questions about this Policy, the practices of this site, or any issue about this site, please contact us.

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